GAMEWORK is a Nordic research initiative that focuses on research on game development cultures.

While game research has grown strongly within recent years, there are still considerable gaps in the research on work practices in the game industry. As the impact of the game industry is expected to extend beyond games and spill over into other industries, there is an urgent need to explore game development cultures.

Turning the focus to the small but lively Nordic development environments represents a shift towards a contextualized and multiperspectival approach in production studies.

The GAMEWORK initiative will establish formal collaboration for comparative research on the Nordic game industry, with the purpose of creating a consortium of international academic and non-academic parties for a future large-scale research proposal.

The Game Production Studies Initiative (GAMEWORK) is a collaboration between University of Tampere, Umeå University, and University of Bergen. The initative is funded by NOS-HS: The Joint Committee for Nordic Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.